"Together We Can Make a Difference"
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Alzheimer's Caregiver Support

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Our Volunteer Team

"Together We Can Make a Difference" 

Lisa Michelle

ACS Founder

Lisa's Mother-in-law, Joan Schwartz, had Alzheimer's Disease and passed away in 2012. Lisa and her husband Greg were her full-time caregivers.  "Alzheimer's Caregiver Support" was created in Joan's memory. 

Kelly Mini

VP Operations

Kelly was a Caregiver to her Mother who had Alzheimer's Disease & her Father who had Vascular Dementia.


Our Volunteer Team

Facebook Page Moderators

Kathie Folsom

Facebook Page Moderators

Kathie was a caregiver to her Mother-in-law (Alzheimer's disease) & to her Father-in-law who had Parkinson’s disease and anencephaly dementia.

Rebecca Wyant

Facebook Page Moderators

Rebecca was a caregiver to her mother who had Alzheimer's Disease.

Our ACS Volunteers and their loved ones. 

  • ACS Volunteer Kelly and her Mother.
    ACS Volunteer Kelly and her Mother.

In Loving Memory of Mama Schwartz. 


* WEBSITE SPONSOR Laurie Wollaston *

My beautiful grandmother is in her 93rd year. Mother of 3 (2 pre deceased), and along with my adoring Uncle Don and Grandfather, helped raise me, her only grandchild. I spent every day with them from as long as I can remember. Looking back at my life, I know without a doubt that my grandmother shaped who I am today. She was a Caregiver all of her life. She lost her first son at 4 to genetic kidney disease and when her 3rd child was born with the same, went on to take care of my Uncle Don (double transplant recipient) until his death a few years back. She is selfless and lives a Life of Faith, Hope and Optimism like no other. She has always been the true definition of Grace, and I am honored to now provide her with the dignity and respect that she deserves, in her time of need.

Alzheimer's entered our lives about a decade ago. I received legal guardianship of her in 2014. Best decision I've ever made! She's a love bug! She loves animals, children, music, chocolate and lobster! She loves everyone and declares it to anyone who crosses her path. I am blessed that she continues to recognize me, as I understand that might not always be the case. Not every day is grande, as I'm sure everyone reading this understands intimately. When the bad days arrive, it's the worst you'll ever feel. Gone are the days where petty arguments ruined your day. These problems are understood only by those in "the club". A club we never wanted to be a part of, and yet we take our membership to it seriously and without hesitation. That's what separates us from many, and what makes us truly special people. As my Gran would always say to me, "Laurie, there's a special place in Heaven for people like us. Always remember that!" Until then, we will patiently wait on the good days when we can laugh and dance, play with the puppies and eat our lobster rolls!

With the warmest of wishes to all who live this life alongside your loved ones, you are special.

-Laurie Wollaston and Marion Tivnan